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2014 Honda Fit Photos Spotted in Japanese Magazine

Many things come and go, but when it comes to the excitement new Honda models gives us and our customers, that's just not the case. Today's conversation is about one of those models, the Honda Fit, which has been a common denominator in the North American subcompact arena; now it's back with a new look and the reliability we've come to appreciate throughout the years.

We spotted this new look from?

Honda Wins Greenest Auto Maker Award

Honda is not only seeing green this year, with profits jumping in 2011, but they are also winning awards for being green - Greenest Auto Maker awards.  This isn't the first time Honda received the award, in fact this is the 5th straight year Honda has become Greenest Automaker. The 2011 Honda Civic GX, fueled by compressed natural gas, was also named Greenest Vehicles of 2011 by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy…