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Video: Markley Honda Service Drive Directions

If you are New to the Online Scheduling System:

1.  Click "I'm New Here":  Using the drop down arrow select the Make and Year of your vehicle, and then click on the icon "Get Started".

2.  Select your Vehicle Model:  Click on your particular Vehicle Model.  There are more models to select from by clicking on the arrow located on the right side of the Vehicle Pictures.

3.  Select the Vehicle Trim:  Click on the Trim level that describes your Vehicle best.  There are various Trim levels to choose from by clicking on the arrow located to the right of Vehicle Trim options. 

4.  Choose Driving Conditions:  Once, you have selected your Vehicle Trim it will ask you to select Normal or Sever under the text "Driving Conditions".  Please select one of those two options.

*note if this needs further explanation hover curser over the text below these two options, this will explain the differences.

5.  Enter Mileage:  You are now ready to enter your mileage in the text box under Actual Mileage.  If you are unsure of your Vehicles mileage leave blank.

6. Next:  Click next in the lower right hand corner of the screen to proceed.

Select Services and Repair

There are three options when selecting the services and/or repairs you want performed for your vehicle:

1.  Mile Services:  Will display immediately after completion of step one.  This option allows you to pick what Mileage Service you want performed for your Vehicle.  To choose the different Mileage Services click the left and right arrow icons to increase or decrease miles and select Minder Item "A" or Minder Item "B".  Need more details on those packages simply click the text "MORE DETAIL" and additional information can be found.

2.  Choose Individual Services and Repairs:  By clicking this option it will allow you to check icons that correlate with services you would like done for your vehicle, and by clicking the Repairs tab you will be able to choose any repairs you would like completed for your Vehicle.  When clicking Service and Repair icons a pop-up window will display.  Click "Add to Cart" to complete the selection or if icon is accidentally clicked hit the X in the upper right hand corner and that item will not be added.

3.  Not sure what your Vehicle's needs?  This option will allow you to explain to our Technician's what problems you are having with the Vehicle.  By clicking on the text box you will be able to type a brief explanation and/or concerns you have for your vehicle, which our Technicians can address upon appointment.

4.  Next:  Click next in the lower right hand corner of screen to proceed.

Choose Appointment

1.  Select if you want to Drop off Vehicle, use Shuttle or get a Rental Vehicle.

*Please read the conditions if selecting the use of our Shuttle or Rental Vehicles, which can be found when selecting option.

2.  Choose a desired open appointment time.  This can be completed by clicking on any Blue Highlighted time block.  Any time block that is Grey is not available.

3.  Next:  Click next in the lower right hand corner of screen to proceed.

Review and Book

1.  Review Appointment:  Review your appointment details and make sure any information you have provided is correct.  If any of the information you review is incorrect you may click the back arrow located in the lower left corner of the screen to go back and make adjustments.  After entering your contact information required you may complete the Appointment Booking by clicking the icon labeled "Book It!" found in the lower right corner of the screen.

2.  Confirmation Page:  Once the Appointment is Book you will be directed to a screen that will give you a printable Confirmation Page, give you a link to get directions to our Markley Motors Service Drive and will ask you to register.  Please take an extra minute and get registered so you may take advantage of managing your current and future Service Appointments.

3.  Register:  To register Click the icon stating "Register" and it will direct you to another screen where it will ask for you to enter a password and to confirm password.  The Username will be automatically entered for you and will be your email address.  Please do not change the username only enter your password and confirm you password.  Click submit and you are now able to manage your account online.

 Already Registered? Log In and Manage Account

Click "Log Me In" enter your username and password that you either set-up when first using the online scheduling system or set-up with a Service Advisor at your last appointment.  Click the Log In icon and refer to "If you are New to the Online Scheduling System" section of this Guide.

If you are in a Hurry to Schedule Service:

1.  Click "I'm in a Hurry" text and by clicking the arrow next to an Appointment time, the next ten available service times will appear in a drop down.  Select an appointment by clicking on the particular Date and Time desired.

2.  Select "OK, Book it" located below the selected Date and Time. 

3.  Review your Date and Time Selected and enter your Contact information required.  Click "Book It!" in the lower right corner of the screen and your Service Appointment is Booked.

Returning Customer?  We can look you up:

1.  Click "Find Me":  Enter a phone number or confirmation number into the text field and click the icon "Find Me". 

2.  Select Vehicle:  A pop-up screen will display any Vehicle's you have Serviced with Markley Honda, select the Vehicle you are scheduling the Service Appointment for.

3.  Schedule or Adjust:  Once selected you can either schedule an Appointment following Steps 2 through 4 found in the "If you are New to the Online Scheduling System" of this Guide or adjust Appointment Times, Services and Repairs needed or Contact Information.  Any questions regarding the process of these adjustments can be referred to the "If you are New to the Online Scheduling System" portion of this Guide.


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